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Mikael Tellqvist and his lovely wife

erika_gerdemark_photography_111erika_gerdemark_photography_171erika_gerdemark_photography_311erika_gerdemark_photography_411erika_gerdemark_photography_511erika_gerdemark_photography_611erika_gerdemark_photography_212erika_gerdemark_photography_81erika_gerdemark_photography_181erika_gerdemark_photography_191erika_gerdemark_photography_112erika_gerdemark_photography_201erika_gerdemark_photography_231erika_gerdemark_photography_221erika_gerdemark_photography_161 In December a drove out to Stockholm's archipelago to meet Sara and Mikael for the first time. I didn't really knew what to expect, but they were warm and friendly people, easy to like and their house was one of the most incredible houses I've been into. Normally I use to meet my clients before a shoot, but since the couple also live abroad it was difficult to arrange a time for that. Mikael is a professional hockey player known from NHL and as goal keeper in the Swedish national hockey team.

In March they are expecting a little baby so the shoot was focusing on the big belly, but also on their love and their family member and dog Torsten. Thanks Sara and Mikael for inviting me to your home and for a great and inspiring afternoon!

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