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My best friends wedding

I have known Ann-Sofie since I was about 7 years old. She is one of my best friends and is a very important person in my life. To photograph her wedding day when she got married to Luke in Dalarö was a very special moment for me. erika_gerdemark_photography_362erika_gerdemark_photography_49erika_gerdemark_photography_64

The preparations were held at Strand hotell in Dalarö, in the same place as the reception took place. erika_gerdemark_photography_234erika_gerdemark_photography_144erika_gerdemark_photography_373erika_gerdemark_photography_103

Ann-Sofie walked down the aisle with Totte. erika_gerdemark_photography_74erika_gerdemark_photography_54erika_gerdemark_photography_84erika_gerdemark_photography_93

The ceremony took place in Dalarö kyrka, a very beautiful little church. erika_gerdemark_photography_114erika_gerdemark_photography_123erika_gerdemark_photography_133erika_gerdemark_photography_162

After the ceremony we headed to the harbor for a portrait session. Thanks to Sophie for assisting me, you were brilliant. erika_gerdemark_photography_192erika_gerdemark_photography_173erika_gerdemark_photography_302erika_gerdemark_photography_204erika_gerdemark_photography_383erika_gerdemark_photography_213erika_gerdemark_photography_313erika_gerdemark_photography_223erika_gerdemark_photography_115

About 50 people from UK and Sweden were gathered to celerbate with the bridal couple. erika_gerdemark_photography_244erika_gerdemark_photography_322erika_gerdemark_photography_332

Ann-Sofie and her mother Eva. erika_gerdemark_photography_272

There were so many emotions during the dinner. Here Ann-Sofie's mother in law, Nicky, welcome Ann-Sofie to the McLachlan family. erika_gerdemark_photography_295erika_gerdemark_photography_262erika_gerdemark_photography_352

I remember the first time Ann-Sofie told me about Luke. She was overwhelmed and had just got home from a trip to Tenerife and had fell in love with a man. She was 17 and he was an English barker, surfer and bicyclist. His number of age was unclear. 11 years later they got married in Dalarö, a small village in Stockholm's archipelago. It took me a while to understand that it actually was their wedding day. But at the dinner when I found some time to relax a little bit more, during my speech, it suddenly hit me and I couldn't hold back my tears.

Ann-Sofie, you are one of the most caring people I know. Your friendship is loyal, warm and full of joy. I'm so happy to have a friend like you and I'm proud of what you have accomplish in life.

Luke, I can't see you without smiling. You always seams to make people around you laugh. I'm happy that you were brave enough and moved to a foreign country like Sweden. Your entrepreneurship and how you have developed during the years is really impressing. Most of all, thank you for making my lovely friend so happy.

I love you both. As I said in my speech, just reach out your hand whenever you need me. I'll be there for you.

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