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Spring wedding at Grand Hotel, Stockholm

Johan, one of my best friends. Genuine, reliable, fun and always full of new ideas. I could never imagine that this love story would bloom in a marriage when a friend to a friend asked me if I knew any decent singel guys, four years ago. Hanna and Johan got married in Kungsholmen and celebrated with their family and closest friends at Grand Hotel in Stockholm April 11. When it strikes me now and then that I'm the reason for their marriage, and even their little daughter Elise, I just can't stop smiling. It's the little wonders of life. 



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We took the portraits after the ceremony close the Grand Hotel were their dinner was held. It was so much happiness and to take a photo without Pamela and Patrik's smiling faces was almost impossible. Their love for one another was unmistakable. A love story that started on internet.

Thank you Pamela and Patrik for sharing your day with me!


erika_gerdemark_photography_210 Pamela & Patrik got married last weekend and celebrated with friends and family at Grand Hotel in central Stockholm. I have a lot to do now, many, many hours of editing are waiting. To be sick during high season is not fun at all, specially when you don't have a boyfriend who can assist you with medicine, cook food for you and give you some love. At the moment I'm laying in bed trying to feel better until next wedding on Saturday. If you are waiting for your photos or have sent me an email, please be patient.

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