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Turquoise wedding dreams

Emmeli and Jouni started to play badminton with each other and fell in love. July 23 the got married in Stockholm and I had the honor to photograph their wedding. It was a day full of happiness! I have rarely seen a bridal couple with such a sweet energy for one another.  erika_gerdemark_photography_53erika_gerdemark_photography_214erika_gerdemark_photography_37erika_gerdemark_photography_43erika_gerdemark_photography_52erika_gerdemark_photography_61erika_gerdemark_photography_71erika_gerdemark_photography_81erika_gerdemark_photography_92erika_gerdemark_photography_102erika_gerdemark_photography_114erika_gerdemark_photography_122erika_gerdemark_photography_132erika_gerdemark_photography_142erika_gerdemark_photography_153erika_gerdemark_photography_161erika_gerdemark_photography_171erika_gerdemark_photography_181erika_gerdemark_photography_191erika_gerdemark_photography_201erika_gerdemark_photography_241erika_gerdemark_photography_251erika_gerdemark_photography_261erika_gerdemark_photography_271erika_gerdemark_photography_281erika_gerdemark_photography_293erika_gerdemark_photography_30erika_gerdemark_photography_321erika_gerdemark_photography_331erika_gerdemark_photography_341erika_gerdemark_photography_351erika_gerdemark_photography_362erika_gerdemark_photography_372erika_gerdemark_photography_381erika_gerdemark_photography_56erika_gerdemark_photography_391erika_gerdemark_photography_401erika_gerdemark_photography_412erika_gerdemark_photography_422erika_gerdemark_photography_57erika_gerdemark_photography_451erika_gerdemark_photography_46erika_gerdemark_photography_541erika_gerdemark_photography_48erika_gerdemark_photography_49erika_gerdemark_photography_50erika_gerdemark_photography_511erika_gerdemark_photography_521

When I got home to Emmeli and Jouni in Hammarby Sjöstad for shooting the preparations I instantly saw what type of colors they liked. The interior was pale turquoise, gray and white. and when I saw the wedding flowers I decided to look for these colors all day. The invitations, the car and shoes was all in the same colors that I really love. Emmeli and Jouni's ceremony took place in Maria Magdalena kyrka at Södermalm so we decided to take the portraits not too far away. After the ceremony we also had the opportunity to photograph some more photos in Hagaparken near Stallmästaregården where they had their reception. 

I really felt comfortable in Emmeli and Jouni's company, they were so relaxed and so happy the entire day! I hope that I just got two new friends.

Off to Zürich

erika_gerdemark_photography_117erika_gerdemark_photography_217 A few hours ago I left Emmeli and Jouni's wedding dinner. There is so much to tell about their beautiful day and more photos will be posted in a few weeks! I have now downloaded all the memory cards and will fly to Zürich early tomorrow morning. I will be working in Switzerland and Austria for a week doing some travel reportages with a journalist for several Swedish magazines. Please be patient of you send me an email or try to phone me. I will get back to you as soon as possible.


erika_gerdemark_photography2 I try not work Sundays since I'm working on so many Saturdays, but October 10 I went with my colleague Linda Broström Cabrera to meet Rebecka, Marcus and their rabbit Totte. It was all worth it! These children was just adorable! Their chemistry as twins was really going through my lens and we had a fun time in Hagaparken including some "fika" during the portrait session. I first met Rebecka and Marcus at their aunts wedding in Skåne and I'm happy to have spent a few hours with smart, cool and loving kids full of life.

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