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Friday wedding at Riddarhuset

erika_gerdemark_photography_1erika_gerdemark_photography_51erika_gerdemark_photography_3erika_gerdemark_photography_20erika_gerdemark_photography_4erika_gerdemark_photography_19erika_gerdemark_photography_6erika_gerdemark_photography_81erika_gerdemark_photography_7erika_gerdemark_photography_9erika_gerdemark_photography_10erika_gerdemark_photography_11erika_gerdemark_photography_12erika_gerdemark_photography_13erika_gerdemark_photography_18erika_gerdemark_photography_14erika_gerdemark_photography_15erika_gerdemark_photography_171erika_gerdemark_photography_21erika_gerdemark_photography_16 As a photographer there's only a part of a photo shoot that you can control. A photo session is always an interaction between the photographer and the bridal couple during the portraits. Meeting Amélie and Oskar on their wedding day was just a big smile. They were so natural in front of the camera, tender and sweet to one another and don't think there's a single bad photo of Amélie and her lovely smile. Amélie and Oskar got married on a Friday afternoon in central Stockholm, the ceremony took place in Johannes kyrka and the reception was held at Riddarhuset (The house of Nobility).


erika_gerdemark_photography_44erika_gerdemark_photography_191erika_gerdemark_photography_182erika_gerdemark_photography_7erika_gerdemark_photography_33erika_gerdemark_photography_16erika_gerdemark_photography_17erika_gerdemark_photography_101erika_gerdemark_photography_14erika_gerdemark_photography_91erika_gerdemark_photography_15erika_gerdemark_photography_11 Helena and Artur gather their family and friends on a Friday afternoon to celebrate their love for one another. After the preparations in their home in central Stockholm we went to Johannes kyrka were the ceremony took place. Helena is such a talented bride! She made her jewelry, parts of her dress and hair and makeup by herself. Every single detail was carefully arranged, even the shoes she had were sprayed golden. The reception was held at Stallmästaregården in Hagaparken.

Thanks to Olle Sternrud for assisting me during the day!

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