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The nuclear physicist and his persian princess

They met in the laundry matt. R played stupid and pretended not to know how to use the washing machine. N was not impressed and of course not interested in a guy who couldn't use a simple washing machine. But R was smarter than that and he didn't gave up to catch her attention. June 18 they got married in Stockholm. erika_gerdemark_photography_110erika_gerdemark_photography_213erika_gerdemark_photography_312erika_gerdemark_photography_410erika_gerdemark_photography_510erika_gerdemark_photography_68erika_gerdemark_photography_72erika_gerdemark_photography_82erika_gerdemark_photography_92erika_gerdemark_photography_102erika_gerdemark_photography_112erika_gerdemark_photography_123erika_gerdemark_photography_132erika_gerdemark_photography_142erika_gerdemark_photography_152erika_gerdemark_photography_162erika_gerdemark_photography_171erika_gerdemark_photography_182erika_gerdemark_photography_193erika_gerdemark_photography_202erika_gerdemark_photography_214erika_gerdemark_photography_221erika_gerdemark_photography_231erika_gerdemark_photography_242erika_gerdemark_photography_252erika_gerdemark_photography_262erika_gerdemark_photography_273

I have rarely met a couple who is so full of emotions, happiness and craziness. In a very good way N and R made a strong impression on me when we had our first meeting last autumn. R who is from Italy met N in Uppsala when they both studied at the university. Today R have an impressive philosophiae doctor in nuclear physics and their life as newly married have just started in Belgium.

Their wedding was held at Hasselbacken in Stockholm and their first kiss as married was in front of the famous politician Mona Sahlin who administer the emotional ceremony. Even I cried a tear.

I have also photographed them in an "after wedding session". More relaxed photos in the evening sun are coming up very soon on the blog! If you have not seen the preview here it is!

N and R, you are wonderful together and I'm convinced that you will have a long lasting life together! Good luck with your new life in Belgium and stay tuned for more photos!

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