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A Canadian wedding in Vienna

I really love Vienna. If I had all the money in the world I would definitely buy an apartment there just for fun. The culture supply is huge, the streets are clean and the architecture is magnificent. I really understand why the Canadian couple from Vancouver, Barbora and Ali, decided to get married in Austria.  erika_gerdemark_photography_53erika_gerdemark_photography_211erika_gerdemark_photography_310erika_gerdemark_photography_49erika_gerdemark_photography_52erika_gerdemark_photography_65erika_gerdemark_photography_54erika_gerdemark_photography_81erika_gerdemark_photography_91erika_gerdemark_photography_55erika_gerdemark_photography_111erika_gerdemark_photography_122erika_gerdemark_photography_60erika_gerdemark_photography_141erika_gerdemark_photography_621erika_gerdemark_photography_161erika_gerdemark_photography_66erika_gerdemark_photography_67erika_gerdemark_photography_611erika_gerdemark_photography_201erika_gerdemark_photography_461erika_gerdemark_photography_471erika_gerdemark_photography_481erika_gerdemark_photography_241erika_gerdemark_photography_251erika_gerdemark_photography_261erika_gerdemark_photography_272erika_gerdemark_photography_281erika_gerdemark_photography_291erika_gerdemark_photography_301erika_gerdemark_photography_311erika_gerdemark_photography_332erika_gerdemark_photography_341erika_gerdemark_photography_511erika_gerdemark_photography_361erika_gerdemark_photography_371erika_gerdemark_photography_381erika_gerdemark_photography_50erika_gerdemark_photography_401erika_gerdemark_photography_491erika_gerdemark_photography_451

I had been given a lot of creative freedom for Barbora and Ali's wedding. I flew from Sweden to Vienna a few days before their wedding to have a lot of time to scout locations for the portraits. We ended up at Vienna's biggest castle Schönbrunn. But both Barbora, Ali and I didn't wanted the classical shots there. Very often I get most inspiration in clean, light and open spaces, so I picked a few that I liked and tried to focused on them. Before we got back to the ceremony at Palais Kinsky we snapped some more photos at Stephansplatz. The cocktails and dinner was also held at Palais Kinsky, a beautiful place in central Vienna. 

Traveling is always an adventure, especially when I'm traveling alone. I love every single part of it and what makes it even more fun is when I get the opportunity to photograph a friendly and easy going couple like Barbora and Ali. Thank you so much for flying me to Vienna. I had a blast on your day, June 17.

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