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Believe it or not, I have been a sports girl all my life. I grew up playing football and floorball. I was more successful in floorball and I played in Sweden's highest league once upon a time. I remember the coaches and my team mates in high school making fun of me because I was not dressed as the others when arriving to a game or a training. I didn't mind though because I was confident enough. I knew that I didn't looked as a sport girl. When I was younger I played football with Sandra. Here are some of my favorite wedding photos from when she got married to Norwegian Frank.

To photograph Sandra and Frank's wedding was very special to me. They got married in Tolfta kyrka July 21 in the little village outside Tierp where I grew up. From my parents house you can see the church on a little hill so I just walked a couple of hundred meters to our location for the portraits.

Thanks Sandra and Frank for asking me to be your wedding photographer! You got married on one of the most beautiful days this summer. Even the sky matched Frank's awesome outfit.

Sandra and Frank's wedding outside Tierp

Last Saturday I was really lucky to have the opportunity to photograph Sandra and Frank's wedding in the little village Tolfta outside Tierp where I grew up. From my parents house you see Tolfta kyrka where they got married. I played football for 8 years before I moved away from home and Sandra was my fellow team member most of that time. More photos to come.

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