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The after wedding session

erika_gerdemark_photography_253erika_gerdemark_photography_215erika_gerdemark_photography_313erika_gerdemark_photography_411erika_gerdemark_photography_512erika_gerdemark_photography_69erika_gerdemark_photography_232erika_gerdemark_photography_84erika_gerdemark_photography_93erika_gerdemark_photography_114erika_gerdemark_photography_124erika_gerdemark_photography_274erika_gerdemark_photography_133erika_gerdemark_photography_216erika_gerdemark_photography_163erika_gerdemark_photography_194erika_gerdemark_photography_143erika_gerdemark_photography_183erika_gerdemark_photography_222 Oh, my God what a fun evening I had! With the crazy and loving couple N and R I laught so much and I got to bed that night with a smile on my face. N and R got married on a Saturday. A few days later, on the Tuesday, we went outside Stockholm to photograph their "after wedding session". Just like a "Trash the dress session" but we didn't really made anything with the dress accept walking, twirling and sitting on a field in the sunset.

We had planned this shoot ever since they booked me for their wedding. Now we had the opportunity to choose my favorite light in the evning, not have to worry about if the dress got dirty, and most of all we didn't have to stress. And the more relaxed you are and the more time you get for the photos the better they will turn out. 

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Floating flawless

erika_gerdemark_photography_31 Yesterday evening I had a fun "after wedding session" with Niroch and Riccardo who got married last Saturday. We photographed some more relaxed portrait photos without thinking about time, stress or destroying the dress. I think I just captured my favorite photo of the year. This photo describe so well what I want to accomplish as a photographer.

Trash the dress - the final blog post

erika_gerdemark_photography_112erika_gerdemark_photography_210erika_gerdemark_photography_33erika_gerdemark_photography_82erika_gerdemark_photography_42erika_gerdemark_photography_122erika_gerdemark_photography_102erika_gerdemark_photography_62erika_gerdemark_photography_113erika_gerdemark_photography_53erika_gerdemark_photography_72erika_gerdemark_photography_132erika_gerdemark_photography_142erika_gerdemark_photography_92 Belsam got married last year. I wasn't her wedding photographer but we met when I did her Following morning shoot a few months before the wedding. I was happy when she contacted me again for a Trash the dress session. A session like this doesn't mean than you have to destroy the dress, just a second chance to wear the wedding dress and take beautiful and creative photos. Belsam and I crossed our fingers for a sunny weather and we got lucky that day in August when we met in central Stockholm. Despite a big audience Belsam was brilliant and I will remember this shoot as one of the funniest this year. 

Thanks to Linn Adlertz for assisting me!

Trash the dress - part one

erika_gerdemark_photography3 I just got back to my office after a wonderful evening shooting on the beach. I photographed Belsam in her Trash the dress session together with the assistant Linn. It was an amazing evening with a whole lot of fun! Now I'm charging my batteries and will try to get a few hours of sleep before going out in Stockholm's archipelago tomorrow for some magazine work. More photos from this session to come, but first an upcoming Russian wedding and a wedding in Skåne.

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