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Ana Gabriela and Christian's love story - A wedding in Varberg

Ever since Ana Gabriela and Christian contacted me from the first time I have felt something special about them. I instantly felt that I was important to them, that they really wanted me and no one else to photograph their wedding. When you do feel chosen as a photographer you really put your soul into what you do. Ana Gabriela and Christian got married in Varberg 10th of July. This is their story. erika_gerdemark_photography_113erika_gerdemark_photography_210erika_gerdemark_photography_310

The preparations were held at Varbergs Stadshotell. All the 10 bridesmaids were getting ready together with the bride. erika_gerdemark_photography_43erika_gerdemark_photography_44erika_gerdemark_photography_53erika_gerdemark_photography_62

All the details went in a blue, green and white color. I love those heart shaped blue shoes and her dress.  erika_gerdemark_photography_431erika_gerdemark_photography_83

Christian is waiting for the bride to enter Varbergs kyrka with her father. erika_gerdemark_photography_92erika_gerdemark_photography_102erika_gerdemark_photography_112erika_gerdemark_photography_122erika_gerdemark_photography_48erika_gerdemark_photography_142

10 handsome groomsmen are walking down the aisle at the end of the ceremony. erika_gerdemark_photography_152erika_gerdemark_photography_161erika_gerdemark_photography_172

After a short ride in a car we started to photograph the portraits on a spot close to Varbergs fästning.erika_gerdemark_photography_46erika_gerdemark_photography_243erika_gerdemark_photography_47erika_gerdemark_photography_203

My favorite photo of the day. So much emotions into this one.erika_gerdemark_photography_212erika_gerdemark_photography_411erika_gerdemark_photography_222erika_gerdemark_photography_232erika_gerdemark_photography_251erika_gerdemark_photography_421erika_gerdemark_photography_45erika_gerdemark_photography_271

The reception was held at Varbergs fästning in a big hall called Rikssalen.erika_gerdemark_photography_281erika_gerdemark_photography_294

Ana Gabriela's hand made birds. erika_gerdemark_photography_301

The bridal couple enter to the mingle and to all the gratulations. erika_gerdemark_photography_311erika_gerdemark_photography_331erika_gerdemark_photography_341erika_gerdemark_photography_351erika_gerdemark_photography_361erika_gerdemark_photography_381erika_gerdemark_photography_391

Ana Gabriela was so happy to gather her family from Venezuela in a foreign country like Sweden. erika_gerdemark_photography_371erika_gerdemark_photography_401

I met Ana Gabriela and Christian only one day before the wedding since they live in London. When we sat in the hotel lobby Ana Gabriela told me their story, and I went from that meeting really moved. In their dinner booklet there is a sentence "Love knows no boundaries". True. So, so true. Six years ago when Christian lived in Italy he got in contact with a vey beautiful girl who lived in Venezuela that also wanted to study in Italy just like him. They met over internet and became very close to one another. The time went on and one day Christian booked a ticket to South America and from that moment when he arrived at the airport they havn't been apart. Just like soulmates.

Their wedding in Varberg was magnificent! 130 guests had flown in from all over the world. The setting was beautful and people were extremely friendly. Specially Christian's family were so kind and made me feel welcome.

Thank you Ana Gabriela and Christian for letting me be a part of your wedding! If you ever find yourself in Stockholm you have to stop by my office so I can give you some big and sincerely hugs. I wish you all the best.

Muestra numeró dos - A wedding in Varberg

erika_gerdemark_photography_71 Sometimes it really pays off to scout the right location for the portrait session. I arrived to Varberg one day before the wedding just trying to make sure to get the most perfect photos on Ana Gabriela and Christian's wedding day. I got totally creative freedom from them and finally I found this little spot using Varbergs fästning as a backdrop.

There's so much to tell about this wedding. I believe it will always be special in my mind.

Muestra numeró uno - A Wedding in Varberg

erika_gerdemark_photography_23 Yesterday I photographed Ana Gabriela and Christian's very beautiful wedding in Varberg. A couple of hours ago I got back home and this is one of my favorite photos from their day. More photos to come.

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