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The after wedding session

erika_gerdemark_photography_253erika_gerdemark_photography_215erika_gerdemark_photography_313erika_gerdemark_photography_411erika_gerdemark_photography_512erika_gerdemark_photography_69erika_gerdemark_photography_232erika_gerdemark_photography_84erika_gerdemark_photography_93erika_gerdemark_photography_114erika_gerdemark_photography_124erika_gerdemark_photography_274erika_gerdemark_photography_133erika_gerdemark_photography_216erika_gerdemark_photography_163erika_gerdemark_photography_194erika_gerdemark_photography_143erika_gerdemark_photography_183erika_gerdemark_photography_222 Oh, my God what a fun evening I had! With the crazy and loving couple N and R I laught so much and I got to bed that night with a smile on my face. N and R got married on a Saturday. A few days later, on the Tuesday, we went outside Stockholm to photograph their "after wedding session". Just like a "Trash the dress session" but we didn't really made anything with the dress accept walking, twirling and sitting on a field in the sunset.

We had planned this shoot ever since they booked me for their wedding. Now we had the opportunity to choose my favorite light in the evning, not have to worry about if the dress got dirty, and most of all we didn't have to stress. And the more relaxed you are and the more time you get for the photos the better they will turn out. 

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My best friends wedding

I have known Ann-Sofie since I was about 7 years old. She is one of my best friends and is a very important person in my life. To photograph her wedding day when she got married to Luke in Dalarö was a very special moment for me. erika_gerdemark_photography_362erika_gerdemark_photography_49erika_gerdemark_photography_64

The preparations were held at Strand hotell in Dalarö, in the same place as the reception took place. erika_gerdemark_photography_234erika_gerdemark_photography_144erika_gerdemark_photography_373erika_gerdemark_photography_103

Ann-Sofie walked down the aisle with Totte. erika_gerdemark_photography_74erika_gerdemark_photography_54erika_gerdemark_photography_84erika_gerdemark_photography_93

The ceremony took place in Dalarö kyrka, a very beautiful little church. erika_gerdemark_photography_114erika_gerdemark_photography_123erika_gerdemark_photography_133erika_gerdemark_photography_162

After the ceremony we headed to the harbor for a portrait session. Thanks to Sophie for assisting me, you were brilliant. erika_gerdemark_photography_192erika_gerdemark_photography_173erika_gerdemark_photography_302erika_gerdemark_photography_204erika_gerdemark_photography_383erika_gerdemark_photography_213erika_gerdemark_photography_313erika_gerdemark_photography_223erika_gerdemark_photography_115

About 50 people from UK and Sweden were gathered to celerbate with the bridal couple. erika_gerdemark_photography_244erika_gerdemark_photography_322erika_gerdemark_photography_332

Ann-Sofie and her mother Eva. erika_gerdemark_photography_272

There were so many emotions during the dinner. Here Ann-Sofie's mother in law, Nicky, welcome Ann-Sofie to the McLachlan family. erika_gerdemark_photography_295erika_gerdemark_photography_262erika_gerdemark_photography_352

I remember the first time Ann-Sofie told me about Luke. She was overwhelmed and had just got home from a trip to Tenerife and had fell in love with a man. She was 17 and he was an English barker, surfer and bicyclist. His number of age was unclear. 11 years later they got married in Dalarö, a small village in Stockholm's archipelago. It took me a while to understand that it actually was their wedding day. But at the dinner when I found some time to relax a little bit more, during my speech, it suddenly hit me and I couldn't hold back my tears.

Ann-Sofie, you are one of the most caring people I know. Your friendship is loyal, warm and full of joy. I'm so happy to have a friend like you and I'm proud of what you have accomplish in life.

Luke, I can't see you without smiling. You always seams to make people around you laugh. I'm happy that you were brave enough and moved to a foreign country like Sweden. Your entrepreneurship and how you have developed during the years is really impressing. Most of all, thank you for making my lovely friend so happy.

I love you both. As I said in my speech, just reach out your hand whenever you need me. I'll be there for you.

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