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The red shoes from Leksand

erika_gerdemark_photography_1erika_gerdemark_photography_2erika_gerdemark_photography_3erika_gerdemark_photography_4erika_gerdemark_photography_51erika_gerdemark_photography_6erika_gerdemark_photography_7 I flew home from Vienna an early morning in the end of July after shooting some travel reportages, just repacked my bags and went straight to Stefan and Sofia's wedding outside Mölnbo. We had 1.5 hour close to the water near their church Vårdinge kyrka for their portrait session. Normally it's not possible to book such a short session during the summer season on Saturdays, but since Stefan and Sofia booked me quite close to their day it was possible.

Thank you Stefan and Sofia for sharing your day with me!


erika_gerdemark_photography_29erika_gerdemark_photography_28erika_gerdemark_photography_41erika_gerdemark_photography_32erika_gerdemark_photography_61erika_gerdemark_photography_51erika_gerdemark_photography_71erika_gerdemark_photography_81erika_gerdemark_photography_251erika_gerdemark_photography_101erika_gerdemark_photography_111erika_gerdemark_photography_121erika_gerdemark_photography_131erika_gerdemark_photography_141erika_gerdemark_photography_151erika_gerdemark_photography_201erika_gerdemark_photography_231erika_gerdemark_photography_221erika_gerdemark_photography_271erika_gerdemark_photography_213erika_gerdemark_photography_281erika_gerdemark_photography_241 Anna and Lucien had gather their friends and family from all around the world for their wedding day August 21. We started to shoot the portraits before the ceremony and the weather couldn't really decide if it's going to be rain or sun. In Yxtaholm's garden we found an old bench that I truly felt in love with that we used during the portraits. The ceremony took place in Bettna kyrka outside Flen and the reception was held at the beautiful castle Yxtaholms slott.

Anna and Lucien, thank you for letting me to be a part of your day! There is also some lovely photos when Anna whirled her dress and I promise to add those in your web gallery.

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