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Darren and Laura's wedding in France

"Do whatever you want. We trust your ideas". With these words in mind I photographed Darren and Laura's wedding in France April 30th. The words mean so much to me in my creative work. It was an honor to be a part of their day. erika_gerdemark_photography_12erika_gerdemark_photography_21erika_gerdemark_photography_3erika_gerdemark_photography_4erika_gerdemark_photography_5erika_gerdemark_photography_6erika_gerdemark_photography_7erika_gerdemark_photography_8erika_gerdemark_photography_9erika_gerdemark_photography_101erika_gerdemark_photography_13erika_gerdemark_photography_111erika_gerdemark_photography_121erika_gerdemark_photography_14erika_gerdemark_photography_15erika_gerdemark_photography_16erika_gerdemark_photography_17erika_gerdemark_photography_18erika_gerdemark_photography_19erika_gerdemark_photography_20erika_gerdemark_photography_211erika_gerdemark_photography_22erika_gerdemark_photography_23erika_gerdemark_photography_24erika_gerdemark_photography_26erika_gerdemark_photography_27erika_gerdemark_photography_28erika_gerdemark_photography_29erika_gerdemark_photography_30erika_gerdemark_photography_31erika_gerdemark_photography_32erika_gerdemark_photography_33erika_gerdemark_photography_341erika_gerdemark_photography_35erika_gerdemark_photography_36erika_gerdemark_photography_37erika_gerdemark_photography_38erika_gerdemark_photography_39erika_gerdemark_photography_40erika_gerdemark_photography_41erika_gerdemark_photography_42erika_gerdemark_photography_43erika_gerdemark_photography_44erika_gerdemark_photography_45erika_gerdemark_photography_461erika_gerdemark_photography_47erika_gerdemark_photography_48erika_gerdemark_photography_49erika_gerdemark_photography_50erika_gerdemark_photography_51erika_gerdemark_photography_52erika_gerdemark_photography_53

I left an early morning in a taxi to Arlanda airport. I watched the sunrise from the backseat. Non of these things I do every day. I felt lucky and honored to have such a great clients that like my style of shooting so much that they are flowing me to another country. 

In the middle of France, in an area called Dordogne, British Darren and Laura celebrated one week long at Chateau la Durantie. The castle and the surroundings are carefully restored by the chateau owners and it's beauty speak for it self. I started to shoot the preparations before the outdoor ceremony in the garden. After some cocktails we photographed the portraits in a very harsh sunlight. But I found some shade and I was even laying on the road to snap the perfect lighting (thanks Darren who made sure that no car was running over me). The dinner was held in a marquee in the garden, next to the pool and among the apple trees.

Thanks Darren and Laura for having me as your wedding photographer!

Wedding in France - preview

erika_gerdemark_photography I recently got back from France after photographing Darren and Laura's wedding at Chateau la Durantie outside Limoges. They are a British couple celebrating a week long with their family and friends in Dordogne's most beautiful castle. I'm honored to be flown from Stockholm to document their lovely wedding. More photos to come very soon!

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