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Vinterviken - a wedding with 300 guests

erika_gerdemark_photography_16erika_gerdemark_photography_22erika_gerdemark_photography_32erika_gerdemark_photography_41erika_gerdemark_photography_51erika_gerdemark_photography_24erika_gerdemark_photography_71erika_gerdemark_photography_81erika_gerdemark_photography_91erika_gerdemark_photography_101erika_gerdemark_photography_111erika_gerdemark_photography_121erika_gerdemark_photography_23erika_gerdemark_photography_141erika_gerdemark_photography_151erika_gerdemark_photography_161erika_gerdemark_photography_17erika_gerdemark_photography_18erika_gerdemark_photography_19erika_gerdemark_photography_20erika_gerdemark_photography_211erika_gerdemark_photography_221 When Perkian and Elias told me what type of locations they would like to have on their wedding portrait session I was going through places like The royal Opera, Grand Hotel, Skridskopaviljongen and Van der Nootska Palatset. But finally I got a reminder of how beautiful Vinterviken was when I last photographed the decor for an amazing wedding with a Moulin Rouge theme held in their big hall.

To enter Alfred Nobels old sulfur factory with just a one table, a wooden floor, 10 meters to the celling and an amazing light coming through the windows is magical. I was praying for a sunny weather and when the bridal couple arrived one hour late I bet I was trigger happy. I can't even remember the last time I shot so many photos in such a short time. I felt like some kind of autopilot was turned on and I didn't have the time make any reflections during the session - I was just shooting.

After the portrait session the ceremony and the reception was held in Södertälje.

Perkian and Elias, thanks for trusting my ideas! For sitting on a dirty floor and for being outdoors despite a cold winter weather. It was so much fun to photograph you!

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