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Business portraits for Synch law

One of the most fun corporate clients I have is Synch law. A law firm located in the heart of Stockholm with the coolest rooftop office at Stureplan. It's always such a pleasure to work with them. Professional, kind and always open for my ideas. View more business portraits here in the gallery.


Viveca Fallenius, lawyer.

Viveca Fallenius, lawyer.

Portrait photos for Microsoft

erika_gerdemark_photography_110erika_gerdemark_photography_25erika_gerdemark_photography_33erika_gerdemark_photography_42erika_gerdemark_photography_53erika_gerdemark_photography_63erika_gerdemark_photography_72erika_gerdemark_photography_82erika_gerdemark_photography_92erika_gerdemark_photography_102erika_gerdemark_photography_112erika_gerdemark_photography_122 The assignment I did for Microsoft last autumn was a portrait session full of snow, fun and cold. In a way I probably should have been a bit nervous since Microsoft is a significant client, but from the beginning I knew that they liked my style and that they didn't want a photo shoot in a traditional way. We were shooting most of the photos during snowstorm and my original plan with outdoor photos quickly turned into a very limited space indoors. The challenge was not only the snow and the cold, the biggest challenge was to take relaxed portraits of so many guys.

The shot was divided in two parts. First we took some portraits in front of a wall for some regular head shots and the we went down in the lobby for some more portraits were I could have some more creative freedom and trying not only capture smiling faces but also their personality. I'm happy for the oppertunity for working with one of the worlds biggest companies. Portraying people is what I love to do.

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