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A couple session in wintertime

erika_gerdemark_photography_1erika_gerdemark_photography_2erika_gerdemark_photography_3erika_gerdemark_photography_4erika_gerdemark_photography_5erika_gerdemark_photography_61erika_gerdemark_photography_7erika_gerdemark_photography_8erika_gerdemark_photography_9erika_gerdemark_photography_12erika_gerdemark_photography_10erika_gerdemark_photography_13erika_gerdemark_photography_14 Oksana and I had a pre meeting in my studio just a few days before our photo shoot. Vlad didn't knew anything about the plans, just that he had to show up in Gamla stan dressed up. I guess he knew how the following hours has to be spent when he saw my camera. This was a surprise and a gift from Oksana and we were shooting all the photos in Old town, Stockholm. After being a couple for about a year they now have photographs to remember just the ordinary life, but also a time in their life that is very special when they look back on their relationship.


hiphoparn_1hiphoparn_2hiphoparn_9hiphoparn_3hiphoparn_8hiphoparn_6hiphoparn_5hiphoparn_41 One thing that I really admire is people who has an unique style and personality, people who just doing their thing. Skåne is just that kind of person. You can't really meet him without leaving with a strong impression. Peter aka Skåne lives and breathe hiphop music and fashion. He is well known from the hiphop radio B-Line, from Sveriges Radio and you can also find him playing records in Stockholm's nightlife. A few months ago he started Klubb OST, a club where you can hang out and listening to hiphop, soul, funk and jazz. His passion for streetwear has also made him working with some of the biggest hiphop and rap artists and DJ's in Sweden. Needless to say I was really looking forward to take some portraits of him the past weekend. It was windy and cold and I tried not to focusing on the snowy weather despite that we were shooting most of the photos outdoors. The light was just perfect in the afternoon when we were shooting under a bridge and at the supermarket ICA Maxi.

Thanks S for trusting my ideas.

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