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Featured in Svenska Dagbladet

erika_gerdemark_photography2 Yesterday my photos from a travel reportage in Italy was featured in Svenska Dagbladet, one of Sweden's biggest newspapers. Last year I went with the journalist Evelyn Pesikan to Italy and together we made a reportage about Seborga. A very small country (small as a village) in Italy that very few people know about. Read yesterday's newspaper (page 30-31 in "Resor") or check out the internet version here.

Travel reportage for RES

res_6res_3res_8res_7 Last year I did a travel reportage for the Swedish travel magazine RES with the journalist Evelyn Pesikan. We were traveling in north Italy near the French border on the Italian riviera. We were eating a lot of great Italian food and was trying to find out why the French riviera is so much more popular than the Italian despite that in Italy they have much better coffee and nicer beaches. Read the entire article in the latest issue of RES.

Memories from Italy

erika_gerdemark_photography1 In the beginning of this week I did the final editing of another work I shot in north Italy a few months ago. This is a view not far from the Italian riviera. I want to go back to Italy and discover more of the country, but most of all want to continue to work with the amazing journalist I did the travel reportage with. Thank you so much Evelyn for the lovely person you are and for putting your trust in me. Can't thank you enough for everything that you have done for me.

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