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London engagement part II

Close to Liverpool street in London there is a nice block where Amy and Jacky wanted to be photographed in their engagement session. Based in Hong Kong, they know London quite well since they both have lived in UK once. I'm so looking forward to photographed their wedding as well in Thailand next year! Don't miss part one of this photo shoot.

Do you also want to book a session while I am in Thailand (or in some other parts of Asia). don't hesitate to contact me!



London engagement part I

In late July I went to London for work. I met Amy and Jacky and photographed their engagement session. We had such a great time together and again I remind myself of what a wonderful job I have. This is the first part of their photo shoot, which we did at the Clifton Nurseries and at Little Venice with a brighter look of their clothes. Stay tuned for part II.



London sessions

I've just came back from London, a city which I love more and more for each time. One of the reasons is the places where I photographed Amy and Jacky's engagement session, a backstreet to Liverpool street and at Little Venice. Can't wait so share some more photos from this wonderful session.


2011 - a wedding year in review

I'm turning 30 in a few months. Life is passing by. I'm still dressed in girly dresses and finding music as the biggest inspiration source. Can't make it without music in my emotional life and it often keeps me awake at night dreaming. I have a lot of things in my life to be happy about, some parts are missing, some parts to be proud of. However photography has been my way to realize my dreams and it keeps me alive. Without my clients I am nothing. I can't even with words describe how much energy and emotions they are sharing directly with me. It's like being high on sugar, but I guess you have to be a photographer to understand that feeling. To every single client during 2011, thanks for putting your trust in me and thanks to all of you who have send me thank you notes. I'm putting my heart into this profession so your words often make me teary-eyed.

This is a list of the past in 2011 and a bit of what future will bring.

Most scary thing: To drive in the Alps in Austria while shooting a travel reportage. These roads to the "Alpenhuttes" are killer roads!

Most unforgettble: Another year living my dream and the summer nights at my office when friends came over with food and love and was hanging out at the balcony. The rooftop skyline over Stockholm is so magical at night.

Most hurtful: The tattoo on my arm.

One day I was lucky: The day it was confirmed that I was going to shoot a wedding in Bali in May 2012.

Looking forward to: Falling in love.

One of my inspiration sources: Hans Zimmer's soundtracks. Specially the song "Time".

Best feature coming up: Style me pretty.

Most fun editorial shoot: Photographing the painter Johan Patricny and his home for the Swedish magazine Gods & Gårdar.

Best memory from the network Our trip to Copenhagen, the old cosy apartment we stayed in and the strenght these women are giving me.

I'm thankful for: Working with the amazing journalist Evelyn Pesikan and to have found Hanna Melin, also a brilliant journalist, and to work with the ultra talented stylist Anna Rosén Rösiö.

Most emotional: To receive Emmeli & Jouni's thank-you-card.

When I had to pinch myself in the arm: When I woke up for the second time this year in one of France prettiest old villages for another wedding shoot. The family Hening/Holmes are adorable people.

I'm honored to: Have been asked by two French photo organizations to held a workshop for 66 photographers in France in April 2012.

Most challenging: To photograph Natalie and Dag's wedding in pouring rain and to shoot an editorial shoot on a sunny day when we wanted dark and cosy Christmas photos.

One thing I would not do next year: To photograph with such uncomfortable shoes.

Most embarrassing: Spent time photographing the Swedish princess Madeleine for 6 hours without recognize her.

My goal with 2012: Find harmony, work more structured and book more weddings abroad.

About my own wedding dream: Barefoot in the woods close to a lochan with fabrics hanging down from the trees. A Braveheart theme with bagpipes and my favorite song from the movie. Fog would have made a beautiful setting (but I guess you a least have to have a boyfriend to continuing dreaming...).

I also want to thank my readers. Thanks for your comments on the blog (they mean more than you ever can image) and for the support on my Facebook page (I recently passed the 800 likes which I'm very happy about). For those of you who have an account on Twitter, go follow me! I have finally understood what Twitter is all about and I got addicted for the first time during this Chrsitmas. If you want me to write about a special topic on the blog, please leave a comment. I promise to post more editorial shoots during 2011 and at the moment my website is being updated.

Below you can view some of my favorite wedding images from 2011.

Xoxo Erika


International society of professional wedding photographers - ISPWP

ispwp The wedding photographer industry is full of people that call themselves for photographers. Without any education, just a camera, very little experience and a website it's shockingly easy to sound professional. This is a problem in the industry in general but specially when it comes to wedding photography. It seams like it's more easy to behave like a professional and well experienced when you're working with private customers that don't usually buy photos and are easy to juggle.

So how should you as a client know who is really a professional? ISPWP (International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers) is a great organization that only represents the best wedding photographers in the world.

I'm honored to announce that I'm from now on are a member of ISPWP!

They are accepting only the most experienced, talented, and professional wedding photographers in the world. You have to earn your membership, not simply buy it (as it is with many photography organizations). To be accepted, a photographer must have shot at least 50 weddings, submit the portfolio for review, have an ISPWP sponsor or four references and also have to be voted in by current members.

I'm very happy that the founder of ISPWP Joe Milton contacted me after have seen my photos and I'm happy to be a part of a great organization that is working for a healthy wedding industry.

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