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Furillen, Gotland

Big up to Sara Norrehed, a fab wedding photographer based in Gotland who have photographed these photos of me at Furillen. The location is magic, and so are you Sara! I'm going back to Gotland shortly, once the wedding high season is over. Just to sit by the ocean and listen to my favorite music. To recap.


Photo by Sara Norrehed.

Photo by Sara Norrehed.

Photo by Sara Norrehed.

Photo by Sara Norrehed.

Sveriges Radio P2

A radio program I'm often listening to is "Musikguiden i P3". I love music, is a big part of my emotional life and my inspiration. Through that program and Twitter another program "Klassisk morgon" heard that I've visited a farm in France (while doing a travel story in Normandy) where they play classical music for the cows to get the best possible procuction. It ended up with an interview with me which you can listen to at Sveriges Radio P2 here (in Swedish).



I did my first trip outside the nordic countries when I was 16. I flew to London and I was in love. I got my first real camera and since I was a bit unsure how to load the film properly I asked a colleague of my boyfriend to load it for me. The upcoming summer I started to work in my local camera lab. Standing curious waiting by the developing machine I saw the film coming out. It was completely blank.




This time I got another experience of UK. Stored on my hard drives and in my memory. Yesterday I got back home from a long trip to France and UK, photographing some magazine work together with a journalist. I would called the moments treasures that I didn't knew was existing when I grew up during the summers holidays in a caravan on the Swedish countryside. Even if that was the best my parents could have ever given me.

Welcome to a brand new me!

It was a never ending project. Searching. Searching all over again for the perfect font, the right colors, the best graphic designer and the right gut feeling. I'm finally ready to share what has been in my soul for years, but specially in my head the past six months. It's a relief and it's time to open a bottle of champagne (preferably with my favorite fresh tuna mint canapés)!  




I would like to thank Meredith C. Bullock from Nashville for lettering my name so incredible beautiful (this meant so much to me) and Daniel N. and Kenny J. for being my backend and frontend heroes. Also a big hug to Anna Roström who has been my sounding board when I've designed this site.




With this, I would like to share some photos from the wedding in Bali that I've photographed last weekend, Robin & Indah beautiful wedding in Tirtha Uluwatu.

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